Saturday, October 25, 2008

Resistance is NOT Futile!

You are not a Borg. You probably don’t need someone to “mentor” you, or to tell you when they “think” you will be ready to be an ensign. Especially someone who does not have a solid foundation in Simming, writing, and couldn’t get the position you are applying for on another Sim. That is usually the reason that this person is the “moderator” of this new and different Sim. And that reason is because that “expert” could not cut it on an even playing field with another group. Therefore they either left voluntarily or were kicked out. And voila, suddenly they are running a group.

Now they have started their own “group” and want to lead you down the Primrose path. Don’t be suckered into it. You probably know more than this person that is telling you that you need so many posts to do this, and to attend so many Sims to do that. Unfortunately, few have resumes in the AOL Star Trek Sim world. But chances are good that they are rejects from another group.

Do your homework. Do your research. Pick up a copy of the latest Star Trek Role Playing Game. Everything you need to know is in there. These “groups” will do little to help you enjoy Simming, or to help you develop your creativity or writing skills. And the fun will soon be replaced by infighting, jealousy and personal attacks. It is a pattern that once established, holds true for these individuals.

Start your own Sim. Why not? You don’t need to be admiral this or ambassador that to have fun in the Star Trek genre. There is nothing wrong with running or being part of an Independent Sim. Many prefer independence, and for all the reasons that I have stated below. Less politics and less drama. It takes a bit more prep. But once the Sim is set up, then you are ready to play, and it only needs to be updated periodically. Get a basic set of rules in place and stick to them. Make everyone accountable. And make it a fun experience that people will want to come back for. Consider different mediums. Bulletin Boards Sims. Play By Email Sims. And so on. If you have a particular story to tell and no one else sees your vision perhaps you should write a story. Tell it how you see it.

Remember, your personal life and business is just that, yours. You are entitled to your privacy. It is the law. AOL has Terms of Service. And they forbid others to abuse you online. There are penalties for such behavior. People who are abusive and attacking do not make good Roleplay partners.

Resistance to bad Simming is not futile. You don’t have to be assimilated by the dregs of other groups. Start your own Sim. Stay away from other people's problems and problem makers.