Sunday, November 29, 2009

Where No Man Should Have Gone

I saw the "new" Star Trek movie. It is a very good movie. It's just not a very good Star Trek movie.

Mr. abrams is the latest in a long line of individuals (that means YOU Rick Berman) who don't seem to have a clue what Star Trek is. What does this have to do with Simming? I'll get to that in a moment.

The movie begins the year that James T. Kirk is born. But Trekkers all know that Kirk was born in Iowa. Not on a starship. At that time, families were not part of starship crews anymore than they are part of aircraft carriers today in the United States Navy. So it makes no sense that George Kirk would have his wife there. And where was his other son----George Samuel Kirk, James T. Kirk's older brother? I could go on and on about the inconsistencies. But that is only part of my point.

For some reason the ENTIRE Starfleet is involved in a battle in the Laurentian System. And the starship Enterprise is launched 13 years later that in the original time. While Spock turns down the Vulcan Science Academy and joins Starfleet, James T. Kirk not having a father becomes the equivalent of a drifter, jouning Starfleet Academy only after a chance encounter with Christopher Pike.

If Pike thought so much of Kirk's father, why didn't he seek Jim Kirk out much sooner? Maybe Kirk's mother becomes anti-Starfleet after losing her husband. Who knows. But after speaking with Pike, Kirk joins Starfleet, vowing to either complete Starfleet Academy or get his own ship in three years( after Pike telling him he can get his own ship in eight, presumably four years after graduating from Starleet.).

The Enterprise launches with a crew that is presumably made up of cadets. Chekov is only 17. So he could not posibly have completed Starfleet Academy. And we are not told how long Uhura has until graduation after her meeting Kirk.

Then there is this whole Red Matter crap. If one drop of Red Mater can create a huge and powerful Blackhole, what will liters of the stuff do----create a new Galaxy? Keep in mind both Nero's and Spock's ships had a considerable amount of Red Matter aboard them. They should have created a Blackhole that destroyed the Milky Way galaxy itself, thus nullifying this crappy story altogether. But the most glaring piece of crap in the entire film comes at the end.

How does James T. Kirk go from a cadet to Starfleet promoting him to captain and placing him in charge of the newest and presumably most powerful ship in the fleet? A 25 year old captain, who looks before he leaps, and doesn't have one tenth of the experience of his first officer.

Among cadets Kirk may be a big deal. But among seasoned Starfleet officers this premise is a joke. But it reflects today's society and it reflects the poor simming that has become prevalent.

Any roleplaying game is based on accumulation. Accumulation of money, power, hit points, experience points and so on. There are simply things you cannot even begin to do without it. The Kirk in the primary timestream had experience. He served aboard the Republic, and the Farragut as well as having his own command prior to being selected to command the Enterprise. He was battle tested on many occasions, not just one. He held the position of first officer and learned what he needed to eventually become a captain. The Kirk in Mr. Abrams timeline has none of these experiences to fall back on.

I have seen so many genius 20 something captains in RP. But none of them had the experience to hold the position.

Do you think that Starfleet's most experienced and decorated captain, i.e., NOT Kirk, is going to just stand by and applaud? Do you think a Navy midshipman is going to save the world and get promoted to captain and given command of an air craft carrier. It is ridiculous.


For those of you who do not like my rants, I kindly ask you read something else. This is my Blog and my opinion. Your acceptance of it is not a requirement. Apparently much of what I write strikes all too close to home for some. The mirror does reveal all. I stand by what I write and am quite proud of it. And the title is "AOL Star Trek Simming Sucks." If you dispute it, write your own blog. Have fun and knock yourself out. Later.