Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Back Stabbers

"They smile in your face, all the while they wanna take your place..." The Back Stabbers. That is from a very famous song many have heard. It is also a sad truth in the AOL Sim world.

There are many written and unwritten rules of Simming, and of life. The Golden Rule states "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." That having been said, there must be a lot of Simmers who feel that they should stab other players in the back, or it would not be so prevalent. Why? Because many of these individuals are, contrary to what you have read in your Theology books, not very nice people.

There are many vindictive and spiteful, even resentful individuals who Sim and who Sim with you. I know. I have Simmed with most of them. And unfortunately there are more of them than anyone cares to count. Not only that, but these individuals stand together. Misery loves company.

I am speaking of the people who sit on the fringe of groups, always observing the action, but never really taking on responsibility or committing to any direction. They are "fringe" players. They generally start off very congenial, friendly and above all else, inquisitive. They want to know everything about everything and everyONE in the group. What they are doing is compiling a database. On you and what you do. On how other players do things and on your ideas. And their purpose is nefarious to say the least.

Their intent is to plagiarize other players ideas and usurp their positions, then reap the benefits of these other people's work, be it, new plot ideas, new technology, or the recruitment of someone else's players. They use their knowledge of others to begin a campaign of lies and deceit, carefully assassinating the character of these other players. Creating events to cause dissension and, behind the scenes, blaming other for the problems that they have stirred up.

There are other dissenters and they are willing to chime in and pick up a sword and cause chaos and destruction wherever and wherever. They do not require facts. They do not require figures. All they want is someone to hate and to destroy. It is, unfortunately, why these individuals come online, not to Sim and to explore Gene Roddenberry's universe.

Again the question is why?

Many of these "wolves", the hired guns have no lives outside of these "groups." They enjoy being able to come online and exert their will on others. this is why they come online. This is what they are here to do. They attack their targets and they are relentless. They send emails. they IM repeatedly. they create other screennames to do more of the same from multiple fronts, lying about their identities. When the victims have them TOSed, they create new screenames. They band together with others to continue the intimidation. They create chatrooms, calling them "Recruit Rooms". But what these rooms are is merely organized gangs where these packs of wolves plan their attacks. many of the attacks are carried out when the unsuspected victims come in, assuming they will find camaraderie and common goals to share, not to mention support.

Once these individuals have driven the other players out of the group, they assume their positions, and take their ideas, plotlines, storylines, Sim partners, documentations and so on, which the wolves have not had to develop or cultivate themselves and use them for their own purposes. The people who have helped and supported them have been deemed pariahs and subsequently "punished" and ostracized.

I personally have had individuals steal items off of my websites word for word and repeat it back to me, not bothering to read the site credits, ignorant of the fact that I developed and wrote the very things they have stolen. Ignorance is not bliss.

These individuals are untalented, uncreative, unskilled, lazy and vindictive individuals. instead of applying creativity, or working hard to build, earn and develop something, they seek to destroy others and take what they have worked for. And if they can get enough other wolves to go along with it, then they rewrite history to make themselves the hero, giving themselves promotions they have not earned, taking entire Sims and groups over they have not developed and would not know how to if you paid them. Smiling in your face and stabbing you in the back, with lies and deceit, jealousy and disdain. There is another saying"no good deed goes unpunished."

The funny thing about this, and the only thing I might add that is funny, is what happens after the Backstabbers have achieved their goal. Because invariably the Backstabbers will eventually turn on each other and destroy that which they have stolen. And the cycle begins anew.