Monday, June 30, 2008

Who is this Guy?

Who am I? Well, much more important is the perspective from which I write this Blog. This is a commentary, and I write it from personal experience----two decades of personal experience.

For those of you who remember the Apple IIC, that was my first computer. In high school I learned punchcard programming. So I have seen most of the major advances in computing, and in Simming in its various forms.

For the purpose of this genre, I started roleplaying in Star Trek officially in 1984. That came with the purchase of the now defunct FASA Corporation's "Star Trek:The Roleplaying Game." It was a pretty cool set for the time. And it provided a structured game, ala D&D, to roleplay in the Star Trek Universe and judge actions.

My next computer was a PC. I began my online journey into Star Trek on CompuServe (for those that remember that). There were many chatrooms back then devoted to Star Trek. I frequented many of them as the online live-action Sims were beginning.

Later I switched to America online. AOL had even more chatrooms and a phenomena call the Sim Group. My first Sim Group was, of course Starfleet Online (SFOL). I started by going to the Academy rooms and observing what they were doing with the newbies, i.e., "cadets" that were being taught the art of AOL live action Simming.

Eventually I took the plunge and joined one of the sessions. My first session was as chief engineering officer. I had two assistants, newbies like me, and we were graded by the officers in a SIMulation. I handled the emergencies thrown my way and directed my team as well. I made ensign my first night and was invited to join SFOL which I did. I was assigned to the USS New Jersey as chief science officer. The New Jersey's stay in SFOL was short-lived as the captain decided to take the ship to another group, the United Space Fleet. I eventually made it to the rank of lieutenant commander and second officer before the ship kind of went off in another direction. I decided not to go with it this time. Thus began a new journey which I will continue next time.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

AOL Star Trek Simming Sucks


Can I say it any plainer? Can I say it any clearer? Can I say it enough times? Apparently not!

Why, do you ask, is this the case? What would bring me to this very educated and experienced decision. One word: experience! I have been there, done that, seen that----all too many times!

And what is the problem? Is it AOL? Is it Star Trek, the genre? Is it Simming? No! It is one simple problem that has complicated the issue: people!

This blog will explain just how and why people are the problem in AOL Star Trek Simming. The foibles, the screw-ups, the personality issues, and the overall lack of knowledge and commitment to the genre that has caused this decline. The names have been changed to protect the guilty. But other than that, I will present the case for my thesis, and explain to you exactly why "AOL STAR TREK SIMMING SUCKS!" And I must say that it sucks big time!