Monday, June 30, 2008

Who is this Guy?

Who am I? Well, much more important is the perspective from which I write this Blog. This is a commentary, and I write it from personal experience----two decades of personal experience.

For those of you who remember the Apple IIC, that was my first computer. In high school I learned punchcard programming. So I have seen most of the major advances in computing, and in Simming in its various forms.

For the purpose of this genre, I started roleplaying in Star Trek officially in 1984. That came with the purchase of the now defunct FASA Corporation's "Star Trek:The Roleplaying Game." It was a pretty cool set for the time. And it provided a structured game, ala D&D, to roleplay in the Star Trek Universe and judge actions.

My next computer was a PC. I began my online journey into Star Trek on CompuServe (for those that remember that). There were many chatrooms back then devoted to Star Trek. I frequented many of them as the online live-action Sims were beginning.

Later I switched to America online. AOL had even more chatrooms and a phenomena call the Sim Group. My first Sim Group was, of course Starfleet Online (SFOL). I started by going to the Academy rooms and observing what they were doing with the newbies, i.e., "cadets" that were being taught the art of AOL live action Simming.

Eventually I took the plunge and joined one of the sessions. My first session was as chief engineering officer. I had two assistants, newbies like me, and we were graded by the officers in a SIMulation. I handled the emergencies thrown my way and directed my team as well. I made ensign my first night and was invited to join SFOL which I did. I was assigned to the USS New Jersey as chief science officer. The New Jersey's stay in SFOL was short-lived as the captain decided to take the ship to another group, the United Space Fleet. I eventually made it to the rank of lieutenant commander and second officer before the ship kind of went off in another direction. I decided not to go with it this time. Thus began a new journey which I will continue next time.

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